• Born of Fire
  • R.U. Productions
    Rock Financial Spots
    Multi-Camera Capture
  • Red Tree Films
  • Castorri & Co

Feature Films
  • FreakyDeaky
    The Matthau Company
  • The Double
    Dual Camera Video Assist
    Hyde Park Entertainment
  • Things Fall Apart
    Dual RED Camera
    Cheetah Vision
  • Red Dawn
    Multi Camera Video Assist
    Metro Goldwyn Mayer
  • Betty Anne Waters
    Dual Camera Video Assist
    Innocence Productions LLC
  • "HUNG" Episodes
    Dual Camera Video Assist
    HBO films
  • Stone
    Dual Camera Video Assist
    Stone Productions LLC
  • All's Faire in Love
    Patriot Pictures
    Dual Camera Digital Video Assist
    Lucky Monkey Ltd.
  • Four Brothers - Detroit Unit
    Running Shots
  • 8 Mile
    Digital Video Assist
  • Hardball - Detroit Unit
    Digital Video Assist
  • Hoffa - Detroit Unit
    Jersey Films
    2nd Video Assist
TelePrompTer Systems
  • Presidential Candidates
    - Barack Obama
    - John McCain
  • The "D" Show Advertising Industry Awards
  • WXYZ Channel 7
    - Detroit Autoshow Gala
    - Mayor Kilpatrick Educational Address
  • City of Detroit:
    - Mayor's State of the City Address
  • ABC Sports
    - Skate America
  • Ford Motor Company Worldwide Dealer Organization
    - Puerto Rico and Dubai Dealer Conferences
    - Company Newsletters
  • GM/NAO
    - Plan to Win Conferences
    - Executive Presentations
  • Dominos Pizza
    - Executive Presentations
  • Little Ceasars Pizza
    - Worldwide Franchisee Meeting